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    Advertising offers various advertising opportunities. By using responsive design, advertising is possible with all formats.


    1. Ideal as promotion page;
    2. landing page;
    3. Action page;
    4. Marketing page;


    1. What you say is what you type. Like pizza of today =;
    2. Easy to remember;
    3. Easy to promote;
    4. Already high keyword density;
    5. Very high relevance;


    1. Top level subdomain, unlimited use for $3500 per month, or get 1 month free by 6 months rent or 3 month free by 12 months rent;
    2. Hosting on our server:
      • Including Let’s Encrypt SSL;
      • With ftp access;
      • With email;
      • With MySQL database or
    3. Add $250 dollar per month for dedicated Hosting;
      • We maintain the dedicated server for your subdomain, or
    4. Host the subdomain on your own server. (With DNS, trough A record.)
      • For all the following apply:
      • We promote your subdomain;
      • Press release;
      • Social SEO;
      • Our blog, live soon;
      • On our website;
      • email mailing;
      • On our member dashboard, live soon;
      • and more..; advertorial, 2 and 1 column advertorial, 2 and 1 column

    news of today Advertorial

    1. Advertorial on, 1 or 2 Column’s;
    2. Max 1, 2 Column’s per month (keep it unique);
    3. Every Advertorial has it’s own follow-up page;
    4. Follow-up page, free to design, add forms, video or…


    • 1 month unlimited 2 Column’s, time targeted (AM/PM) for $ 3500 dollar;
    • 1 month unlimited 1 Column, time targeted (AM/PM) for $ 2500 dollar;
    • Average, 5000 clicks to Follow-up page;
    • 1.25% to 3.5% clickthrough on Follow-up page to advertisers website;
    • (% clickthrough rate depends on kind of content.)

    Interested! Email us at advertorial, follow-up page advertorial, follow-up page
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